Anzalone Forensic Psychology, LLC
About Dr. Anzalone

Dr. William F. Anzalone, Jr. is Licensed Psychologist with a specialty in Clinical Forensic Psychology.  He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Lafayette College in 1998.  He earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Forensics from Nova Southeastern University in 2005.  Unlike other psychologists who dabble in Forensic cases, Dr. Anzalone has concentrated the entire course of his doctoral education and his practice to the specialty of Forensics. 

Dr. Anzalone has a diverse compendium of experience and has provided
psychological services in jails and prisons, state psychiatric hospitals, medical hospitals, Level I trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals, community metal health clinics, county government and private practice. He studied under, completed a post-doctoral residency and later practiced with, internationally renown Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Lenore E. Walker.
Specializing in trauma, Dr. Walker is credited with coining the Battered Women's Syndrome diagnosis, which is a subcategory of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Battered Women's Syndrome was first used in treatment planning by therapists treating women who were victims of domestic violence. It has evolved into a bona fide legal defense used by victims of battery when they kill in self-defense. Dr. Walker's Battered Women's Syndrome research has been challenged in courts throughout the United States and has surpassed both the Frye and Daubert legal standards. 

With this experience as the cornerstone of his education, and with Dr. Walker's mentorship, Dr. Anzalone developed a practice specialty in the field of 
trauma psychology.  He has worked with accused pedophiles and murders, many of which were the subjects of high-profile media cases.  He has worked on civil matters involving sexual abuse, domestic violence, parental fitness and personal injury cases evaluating the impact of trauma on litigants. Additionally, he has experience in training law enforcement personnel in critical incident stress debriefing.
In addition, Dr. Anzalone worked in the Broward County Mental Health Court, the first court of this kind in the country, created in 1997 by a team of leading legal professionals and Dr. Lenore Walker.  This experience fueled his deep passion to continually forge an intersection between Psychology and the Law. In 2007, Dr. Anzalone relocated from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to create a Mental Health Court in the Luzerne County Court System. Dr. Anzalone achieved his goal and the Luzerne County Mental Health Court began accepting referrals in August, 2009. 

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